Monday, October 5, 2009

As we said, big things were coming. Well, here they are!!! Melissa and I have been dying to make giant cupcakes and we finally found an affordable mold in The Lakeside Collection.

Melissa decided to make a pink cupcake and I decided to make a blue one.

Anyone know why we picked pink and blue?? It's because one of us had an announcement. Any guesses yet?

We decided it would be fun for Melissa to tell the office that she and her husband are expecting their first baby by making a giant pink and blue cupcakes. It was a huge hit and a fun way for the office to find out.

The molds were easier to work with then we thought. Since they were silicone it was a little easier to work with than with a standard metal mold. If you want to make a giant cupcake, here are some helpful hints.

* You will need 2 boxes of cake mix. You won't use all of it so you can use the extra for regular cupcakes.

*Since these aren't your typical cupcakes, your baking time will need to be adjusted. It took us about 50 minutes for the cupcakes to be done.

* Once cool, you will need to do a little trimming for your top to fit on the bottom.

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