Friday, July 31, 2009

a little about us....

We are Kayla and Melissa and we are two co-workers who, together thanks to blogs like bakerella and a lot of google image searching cool baking ideas, have become very interested in baking. We are by no means professionals, but it is our hope that after a lot of practice and maybe a couple of classes that we will be darn close. We would really love your comments and if you have an idea that you would like us to try we would be more than willing to give it a whirl and then see if we can give some hints or tricks for our readers!

The First Annual 4th of July Bake-Off

So we had our first bake-off for the 4th of July in our office. We have a feeling that there will be more bake-offs to come for future holidays too :)

Melissa's Entry "All American Cookout"

Kayla's Entry "Firecracker Cupcakes"-with pop rocks on top!

And the winner was.............KAYLA!!!!!

We will be posting recipes for both coming soon!