Wednesday, September 16, 2009


School Supply Cupcakes

First I did the rulers the day before so they would have some time to harden in the fridge.
Start with a pack of fun size Hershey bars.

Take about a half cup of icing and add food coloring to make it "ruler yellow". Then microwave it for just a few seconds to make it pourable over the chocolate. You will have to be careful, it can get messy. Hot icing pouring over chocolate=the chocolate might start to melt :)

Then the next day I made some chocolate cupcakes from a box, iced them with vanilla icing and the rulers were ready to be put on.

Now time to make the books. I used Airheads for the book covers, and frosting dough for the pages.

Frosting Dough
*you will have to scale it down

1 can of icing
1 1/2 cup of powdered sugar

You cut the Airheads into smaller book size pieces.

Put a teaspoon size scoop of the frosting dough in the book.

When you fold the Airheads in half, the dough will fill the space and with a little touch up, will look like pages of the book.

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